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Network 192.168.115

The local network with the IP range starting with 192.168.115 is part of the private IP address space defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in RFC 1918. This range is commonly used in home and small office networks. On this page we wil explain how you can use for your own home network with the correct settings.


The range is designated for private use within local networks. It cannot be routed on the public internet, meaning these addresses are not accessible from outside the local network.

Subnet range

The subnet includes IP addresses from to The subnet mask is

Common usage

This IP range is often used by home routers and small office routers as the default network. Devices connected to such routers (like computers, smartphones, printers) will typically receive an IP address in this range via DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

Network components

Typical setup

  • Router/Gateway - The router in such a network often has the IP address, which serves as the default gateway for other devices in the network.
  • DHCP range - A common DHCP range might be to, dynamically assigning IP addresses to devices as they join the network.
  • Static IPs - Some devices (like printers or servers) might be assigned static IPs within this range for consistent access.


Here is a typical configuration for a small home network using the 192.168.115/24 subnet:

Router IP
Laptop IP
Smartphone IP
Printer IP
Broadcast address


  • Isolation - Being part of a private address space, the network is isolated from the public internet, providing a layer of security.
  • No conflicts - Since this range is designated for private use, there's no conflict with public IP addresses, allowing safe reuse in different private networks.


  • NAT (Network Address Translation) - To access the internet, devices on a 192.168.115.* network use NAT, where the router translates private IP addresses to a public IP address.
  • Network segmentation - In larger networks, segmenting with different subnets (beyond just 192.168.115.*) might be necessary for better performance and management.
Overall, the 192.168.115.* network is a convenient and widely-used IP range for setting up local networks in homes and small offices due to its simplicity and effectiveness in managing multiple devices.

A list of all IP addresses in network 192.168.115