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LookIP.net contains a versatile collection of lookup tools, designed for researching background information on any internet address, including IP addresses, website URLs, and domain names.

Give it a try by entering any IP address, domain name, or website URL to retrieve detailed owner and location information.

Powered by an automated self-learning system, LookIP incorporates user input from various angles to compile a correlated database. This allows us to provide users with comprehensive information on their requested internet addresses.

Our tool facilitates forensic research without the need for deep technical IT knowledge, enabling users to perform in-depth investigations with ease.
Lookip provides access to publicly available information about specific IP addresses, domain names, or website URLs. This includes estimated location and owner details, catering to various use cases such as security-related issues and abuse reports.

We are committed to continuous improvement and regularly update our database with additional resources. If you have any suggestions to enhance our tool further, please feel free to contact us.

Our most important tools

IP lookup - Within the internet infrastructure, IP addresses are the foundational element linking users and devices to their approximate locations. In troubleshooting scenarios, they serve as pivotal evidence, essential for pinpointing issues accurately. Our platform offers a suite of tools tailored for comprehensive investigations, serving as the primary hub for research initiatives. Explore the significance of IP addresses and unlock a wealth of invaluable insights through our resources.

WHOIS IP - Unlock the power of WHOIS, the indispensable command line interface tool designed for querying the extensive WHOIS information database. Our platform streamlines this process, eliminating the need for manual execution. Simply input your query, and we'll handle the rest, delivering comprehensive results without the hassle of downloading or installing the tool. Access vital information in a user-friendly format, tailored for technical enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Website lookup - Domain names serve as the primary navigational aids in the digital landscape, akin to street addresses in the physical world. Instead of relying on coordinates, users navigate at a street address level. Our tool offers comprehensive insights into the infrastructure supporting each domain name, revealing critical details such as the underlying software stack and version. Additionally, we provide information on the hosting company, hostname, and DNS settings, enabling technical users to gain a deeper understanding of online architectures.

Hide my IP - Amidst the increasing emphasis on online transparency, navigating the complexities of digital privacy may seem daunting. For those seeking anonymity on the internet, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers a solution. By extending your private network across the internet, a VPN enables users to remain anonymous while utilizing end-to-end encryption. This ensures that your IP address and browsing intentions remain concealed. In this guide, we provide detailed instructions on how to set up and use a VPN for enhanced online privacy.