IP address lookup and information tool

IP Lookup Tool

LookIP.net is a free-to-use IP lookup tool with the sole purpose of researching background information on any internet address. An address can mean anything that you use to access another computer or device on the internet: an IP address, a website URL or a domain name.

Just give it a try. Enter any IP address, domain name or website URL to do a lookup and get detailed owner and location information.

It is based on an automated self-learning system that uses user input, meaning queries from different angles, combining them into a correlated database to provide our users with detailed information on their requested internet address.
With this information, they can perform forensic research without it becoming too complicated and requiring deep technical IT-knowledge.

With LookIP.net you can find all publicly available information about any specific IP address, domain name or website URL making it possible to get the estimated location and owner information, which could be extremely useful for many use-cases like security-related issues and abuse reports.

We are constantly improving and adding more resources to our database. If you have any suggestions to make this website even better, please contact us.

Our most important tools

IP address lookup - Our most important piece of kit. IP addresses are what is binding the internet together. It's the one detail that can pinpoint an internet user or device to their actual estimated location.
If you were to deep dive into any problem you might have, the IP will prove to be the most essential fact and will be the main evidence.
We provide our users with the means to do further investigation. Most of the research will start here.

WHOIS IP address - Whois refers to the command line interface tool and can be used to query the WHOIS information database. You can get the output of this command by using this tool.
What we basically do, is run the whois command for you and present you with its result. This way, you won’t have to be bothered with downloading and installing the tool.
The results are presented in a human-readable format

Website lookup - Domain names are the most used form of internet directions, just like in real-life. You don't navigate based on coordinates, but on street address level. Our tool provides you with all the background details on the systems that run behind any domain name, even letting you know on which software and software version the website is running. Other facts we can discover are its hosting company, hostname and DNS settings.

Hide my IP - When getting a grasp on all of this scary transparency you read about on this website, you are probably wondering if it's possible to still remain anonymous on the internet. The solution for this is called a VPN, which is a way to extend your private network across the internet while remaining anonymous and using end-to-end encryption, meaning your IP address will be hidden as well as your intents. We explain how to do this.