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An IP address refers to the address that uniquely numbers a NIC, which is short for Network Interface Controller or Card, or as it is often referred to as an ethernet card, from a host connected to the internet according to the TCP/IP-model. The "I" and "P" stand for Internet Protocol.
Every computer or device connected to a network has been given a unique number, through which they are visible to other devices and computers on that same network. The best comparison is when you compare this to the use of telephone numbers.

To make it possible for computers to talk to each other, they have to be identified by their own number. These are called IP addresses.
An IP-address on the internet is usually linked to a company. Because of this, it is possible to trace back the source of the action you want to investigate. For home connections, the IP address is linked to the ISP, which is the company responsible for delivering the internet connection and giving out the unique number for the WAN.

In most cases, contributions and changes on the internet are not truly anonymous. The person or system behind it is typically traceable. If it is not possible by a set of tools, like on this website, it is possible to recover this by going through your local justice department after filing a complaint.

Why is it important?

The IP-address, or IP-addresses in plural, are an incredibly important fact on the internet. The best comparison is the one with mobile phone numbers in relation to the phone network. The IMEI-number of your physical phone can best be compared with a MAC-address: It is the hardware identification number of your physical device.
Those combined are the two ways of identification, both on another level, but both very critical in any investigation.

Your own IP is the actual external address of the connection on your router or modem with which you are connected tot the internet with your computer. Within the configuration of routers and modems we call this the external interface or WAN-connection, which stands for Wide Area Network. This is a fixed or dynamically assigned number specifically for your connection with your provider. In general, this could be an IPv4 or an IPv6 address.

Examples of well known providers that you might be connected through are AT&T, Verizon and Comcast.